Dry & Wet Rot


There are many species of wood-rotting fungi that can attack any timber in your home. The most common include true dry rot fungus (Serpula lacrymans) and wet rots such as cellar fungus (Coniophora puteana) and mine fungus (Fibroporia vaillantii). The fungi release spores that settle on damp wood and germinate, producing the rot we see. For comprehensive treatment services, contact the team at Anchor Building Services in Blackburn.

What Does It Do?

The fungi break down wood cells and cause a loss in timber strength. This only happens when wood contains enough moisture, so decay does not occur until damp is already a problem.

Where is it found?

  • Normally wet areas of the home (bathroom and kitchen)
  • Damp cellars/basements
  • Areas that have not been dried out properly after flooding
  • Areas with poor air circulation

Protect your home and your health

Both dry and wet rot can pose health hazards and cause serious structural damage to your property if not appropriately identified and eradicated. Our damp proofing services can help ensure rot fungi have no place to begin in your property. Give us a call if you see evidence of rot in your home.

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