Damp Proofing


Correct identification is the key to solving damp problems in your property. To do this, we collect small samples of plaster, mortar or brickwork to analyse on site, or at a specialist laboratory. This ensures that your damp issues are treated appropriately with a reduced risk of the damp reoccurring. To hire our services, call Anchor Building Services.

Why Is Damp an Issue?

Damp is associated with a number of health issues, particularly those of a respiratory nature. It also compromises the structural integrity of your walls and other areas it has affected. Damp will soon spread from your walls and ceilings to your possessions, damaging and ultimately destroying them.

What causes damp?

  • Absence of or defects in a damp-proof course at ground level
  • Defects in the roof, walls or plumbing
  • Amount of heating and ventilation
  • Occupants’ lifestyles

Treat the problem early to prevent costly repairs

Don’t put your home or your health at risk. What may just appear to be a little bit of water now can present serious structural damage and health concerns if left unchecked.


Find out more about this in our dry and wet rot or condensation control pages. Call our experts today.

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