Condensation Control


Many people see condensation in their homes and dismiss it as merely a few drops of water. This, unfortunately, is a severe underestimation of how serious the problems associated with it can be. Condensation is caused by excess moisture in the air inside your home. This can be addressed once the reason for the excess levels is discovered. Prevent moisture damage in your property, call Anchor Building Services for quality condensation control services.

What Can Happen?

The dampness caused when condensation occurs in your home can encourage rot or woodworm infestation, as well as damaging the appearance of your plaster or decor. A preventative service can save you a lot of money and hassle. If you are already suffering from a woodworm infestation, you can always hire our woodworm treatment services.

How do you prevent it?

  • Ensuring all walls are adequately insulated
  • Maintaining good airflow throughout the house
  • A dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from cooking or bathing

Let our experts diagnose the issue

We have extensive experience in diagnosing the cause of condensation in your home and suggesting a course to eliminate the problem. Don’t let condensation leave you with even bigger problems such as wood rot and damp. Call us today.

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