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With over 50 years combined experience there is no job that we can’t handle. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly yet effective repair service for a wide variety of customers. Although we specialise in damp proofing, you can contact us for woodworm and rot treatment too. Our services are reasonably priced. We serve in Blackburn, and the surrounding areas.

Damp Proofing

Correct identification is the key to solving damp problems in your property. To do this, we collect small samples of plaster, mortar or brickwork to analyse on site, or at a specialist laboratory…

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is a catchall term that refers to a number of insects that use timber as a food source or home. A woodworm infestation can soon become a major problem…

Dry & Wet Rot

There are many species of wood-rotting fungi that can attack any timber in your home. The most common include true dry rot fungus (Serpula lacrymans) and wet rot…

What We Offer:

– Damp proofing
– Woodworm treatment
– Dry and wet rot
– Condensation control
– Waterproofing
– Water damage repairs

Get Exactly What You Need

Established 17 years ago, we have devoted our business to leaving every customer completely satisfied. We offer a 30-year guarantee on our woodworm control and cellar waterproofing services. For a better understanding of our capabilities, call us….

Condensation Control

Many people see condensation in their homes and dismiss it as merely a few drops of water. This, unfortunately, is a severe underestimation of how serious the problems associated with it can be…

Cellar Tanking & Waterproofing

Converting a damp cellar or a basement can increase your living space as well as the value of your property. Properly waterproofed, your basement can be converted into any room you want…

Structural Repairs

If your property has suffered timber damage from moisture, rot or woodworm, it’s important that the structure of your home be repaired completely and professionally, to maintain the strength and value of your building…

Looking for a local Damp Proofing Specialist? We cover Accrington, Blackburn, Darwen, Chorley, Preston, Burnley, Clitheroe etc. Call Us 01254 394 137